Business Insurance

Finluca, where the client comes first
Finluca Life & Health Insurance Advisers is non-aligned so we can give unbiased advice on the best policies for your needs. This means our clients come first, not the insurances companies which supply the policies. We are not restricted to one insurance company – we work with all the major insurance companies enabling us to select the right company and policy that suits your needs. Our service is personally tailored from start to finish, from the time you first make an enquiry to the time your claim is processed and paid out. We work with both personal and corporate clients.Business needs might include key person insurance, shareholders’ insurance, and employee benefits such as group medical, life, trauma, total and permanent disability and income protection.Some companies require all these insurance services while others may opt for targeted cover depending on their organisation’s needs, employee’s length of service or seniority. By working alongside Crombie Lockwood, a major New Zealand Fire and general brokerage, we have extensive experience with self-employed and corporate clients. Finluca Life & Health Insurance Advisers have expertise in managing, reviewing and/or recommending insurance groups schemes for businesses. We also offer educational seminars about the scheme to employees so they understand the value of the insurance benefits the company is providing.
The Business Insurances we provide:

  • Group (Employee Benefits) Insurance allows businesses to offer incentives to staff. The benefits vary according to the business with offerings tailored to need through a combination of Medical, Life, Trauma, Permanent Disability and Income Protection insurances. Group insurance often offers discounts, with the possibility of providing cover without underwriting (medical and/or financial questions) and cover of pre-existing conditions, which provide a tangible benefit to business owners and staff.
  • Shareholder Insurance is invaluable when combined with an appropriate shareholders agreement so that in the event of a partner or key shareholder passing away or becoming incapacitated, retiring or by non performance the agreement stipulates the rules associated with each aspect and the insurance providing the funding to allow a certain and predictable transfer of share to the appropriate owners.
  • Key Person Insurance protects your business against the loss of income or additional expenditure resulting from the disability or death of a person in a key position. This can cover the loss of profits and expected additional costs associated with recruitment, relocation, training and additional salary of a new employee.



You can download the Finluca Life and Health Insurance Advisers’ Disclosure Document here
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“As busy professionals we were looking for an insurance adviser who could provide us with sound, objective advice appropriate to our circumstances. We found this in Jason Clark.

Jason is extremely thorough in his research of the various options available and in his presentation of those options. We were impressed with his accurate assessment of our particular needs and the proposals he tabled to meet these needs. Jason took the time to thoroughly explain matters and to ensure that we fully understood his recommendations. His follow up was timely and consistent. He has always been willing to meet with us at times that allow for adequate discussion and at times which suit our schedules.”

John & Val Farrow