Finluca Life & Health Insurance Advisers – our FAQ page will endeavour to answer some questions you may have regarding the complex nature of personal and business insurance. If you do not find the answer you are looking for please feel free to contact us. Email or phone 03 470 3267.

Why use an Insurance adviser?

Because the insurance industry in New Zealand offers so many options, it can be quite difficult to choose the right policy.
Insurance policies can be complicated, and seeking advice from Finluca, can help you understand the details of a policy and also work out what level of cover you need, so that you can make sure you are properly protected.

Finluca has an extensive knowledge of the range of insurance policies available in the market, and a network of industry contacts, allowing us to negotiate the best deals for our clients’ individual needs. These same skills and networks are also used to help clients resolve claims when they arise.

What happens when I need to make a claim?

If you need to make a claim on your policy, Finluca will assist you through the process and will liaise with the insurer on your behalf.

What does Finluca do?

We work alongside our clients to understand their risks, and to discuss how to use insurance to protect their assets and businesses. We offer expert advice on the management and reduction of risk, and on the range of insurance products that are available.

Do you offer insurance policies for businesses?

Yes, we use our in-depth knowledge of risk and the insurance market to identify and arrange suitable insurance cover – both for businesses and individuals.

What does non-aligned mean?

We are not restricted to one insurance company – we work with all the major insurance companies enabling us to select the right company and policy that suits your needs. Therefore, you will receive ‘non-aligned’ insurance advice free from bias.

What if I can’t make an appointment during office hours?

Our office hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. Appointments can be made outside of these hours, please contact us to arrange a suitable time. Email or phone 03 470 3267.

What is the difference between stepped and level premiums?

Stepped and level premiums are the two options available when setting up the structure of your insurance policy.

Stepped premiums
Stepped premiums are the most common way to pay insurance premiums. They’re calculated on your age, with premiums generally increasing with your age. Premiums are typically higher the older you get, since you’re considered more likely to fall ill or be seriously injured. Stepped premiums are usually lower then level premiums when a policy commences, and increase over time with your age and level of cover.
Stepped premiums are recalculated annually at the policy anniversary.

Level premiums
Level premiums are usually higher at the start of your policy but remain more constant throughout the life of your policy and do not increase along with your age. Although you pay more in the beginning, the premium costs average out over time so that you can end up saving money.