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We are non-aligned
Finluca Life & Health Insurance Advisers is non-aligned so we can give unbiased advice on the best policies for your personal insurance needs. This means our clients come first, not the insurance companies which supply the policies. We are not restricted to one insurance company – we work with all the major insurance companies enabling us to select the right company and policy that suits your needs. Our service is personally tailored from start to finish, from the time you first make an enquiry to the time your claim is processed and paid out.

We work with both personal and corporate clients. An important part of our role is to ensure that our clients are educated in all aspects of insurance so that they are fully aware of the insurance options available to them. Personal insurance – Finluca Life & Health Insurance Services include the following:

  • Health Insurance means you can choose your specialist, surgeon, hospital, treatment provider and the timing of your procedure knowing that all or most of the cost will be covered by your insurance company.
  • Trauma Insurance provides you with a lump sum payment on the diagnosis of one of more than 30 specified health conditions, illness or injury, giving you financial security at a difficult time.
  • Total Permanent Disability Insurance provides a lump sum payment which protects you and your family in the event you become permanently disabled.
  • Income Protection provides a regular benefit payment to replace your income if you are unable to work due to sickness or illness. Most importantly it allows us to protect our most valuable asset, your income.
  • Mortgage Protection ensures your mortgage repayments will be taken care of if you are unable to work due to accident, illness or redundancy, helping relieve the financial burden until you can return to work.
  • Life Insurance pays a lump sum or fixed monthly amount to the policy owner should you pass away.

Level Premiums or Annual Increases

Did you know that you can have insurance where the premiums stay the same year after year? One of the most important choices you’ll have to make is choosing between stepped or level premiums. Finluca offers you the choice. Ask us about level premiums today for:

  • Life Insurance
  • Total Permanent Disability
  • Trauma
  • Income protection
  • Mortgage protection

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