Hear How Having the Right Insurance Helped Angela

An immigrant to New Zealand, Angela was having trouble understanding how our insurance worked and was searching for an Insurance Broker that could help when a friend recommended that she see Jason Clark of Finluca Life & Health Insurance. No one wants to have to use insurance but having it means peace of mind and, in Angela’s case, it also meant she was able to focus on getting better and not have any financial worries.


“I have dealt with Jason and his team for a number of years. Right throughout the insurance lifecycle of research, maintain/review and claim, Jason has been proactive and thoroughly professional. I have absolute faith and trust in what Finluca does for me, as my experience has shown them to be the experts I had hoped for.”

Scott M

“We have benefited greatly from Jason’s expertise when a sudden health issue recently arose. His extensive knowledge and quick, proactive approach enabled us to take full advantage of the benefits we didn’t know we were entitled to. If we didn’t have Jason as a broker it is likely we would have had to pay for all specialist fees and diagnostic tests, when in fact a simple change to our policy means we have saved thousands of dollars.”

Michelle McLean

“Throughout the whole thing, Jason meant a lot, with his willingness to talk to Wellington for me, especially in the early days of the claim. When you’re unwell you just don’t have your full abilities; knowing Jason was there for me made a huge difference. He went above and beyond the call of duty. Finluca staff were really nice and helpful too.”

Clare Fraser


“A good insurance sales person will sell you a good policy. A good insurance broker will do the whole deal – sell you the policy, monitor your needs as your life changes, and make sure you get what you are entitled to should you need to make a claim.”

“I had a good life policy but when I needed it Jason went the whole way. He listened to my concerns, he reviewed the policy, he advised me before I put in the claim, he monitored the claim being processed, and made sure I got a fair hearing and a prompt payout.”

Leo Hulme
Financial Controller, Terrace Distributors Alexandra


“Jason took the time to get a good idea of what we required and then delivered a range of well thought out options for us to choose from. With his advice and the recommendations contained in his very detailed report we were able to tailor an insurance package which suited our needs well. Jason’s assistance and patience in completing the proposals were invaluable. We have no hesitation in recommending Jason as someone who will deliver a comprehensive and understandable insurance solution.”

Alan and Liz Prescott
Alan is a Partner in Harmans law firm in Christchurch. Liz is also a lawyer.


“Jason took especial care in sorting through my needs, and coming back for additional information. He was able to look to the long–term changes likely to come up in our lives and ensure that his product proposals could accommodate some flexibility. I would trust him absolutely with any information about our personal lives.”

Laura Black
Chief Executive, Methodist Mission


“We were very impressed with Jason’s comprehensive approach, unlike some other providers who only want to sell a policy with little thought to the client’s real needs. He took the time to ask us a great variety of questions that enabled us to work out the range and level of protection we really needed. He has taken the drama out of the selection and review of our personal insurances.”

Peter & Sun Dean
Owner/Operators Refind Rig, Dunedin


“The injuries and pre–existing conditions I have made insurance cover a real challenge for Jason to organise. Not only did he secure me a range of excellent cover but six months after I signed up, he figured out a way to save me significant money, at the expense of his income! I wouldnt even think of going anywhere else.”

Duncan McEwan
CEO, The Clean Franchise, NZ
Pulse Media


“When I had a problem gaining pre–approval from my health insurer, I contacted Jason. His intervention on my behalf had the problem sorted out quickly and my claim was processed smoothly. His willingness to provide service beyond our original investment makes Jason Clark our preferred advisor.”

Dave Bokser


“I’ve unfortunately had some bad experiences with previous insurance brokers who oversold me insurances which were ill-suited to my circumstances. Tom from Finluca Financial Services was in the process of analysing my circumstances and the suitability of those insurances when a health issue caused me to go on claim. As my advocate Tom walked me through the claims process and successfully got it paid. He was payed nothing for this, and was always professioinal, helpful and sincere in his dealings with me. I would recommend Tom to anyone who wants good, honest advice about their insurance needs.”

Nick Hayman
Former Managing Director, Collision City, Dunedin


“Although still young, Jason has a wealth of life experience which he generously shares with clients. Three years after first deciding we would like him to look at our financial position with regards to insurance and risk, we’re pleased we did because Jason keeps in regular contact, looks after our risk and adjusts it both up and down according to changes in our circumstances.”

Greg Wansink
Owner/Operator EB McDonalds Engineering, Dunedin


“I hate attending to life, medical and income protection insurance matters. Jason very quickly understood my loathing of the form filling and made the process as easy and quick as possible. He quietly ensured that I fulfilled all the requirements, including medical tests etc, without being pushy and I appreciated his patience.”

Dave McCone
Partner, Staples Rodway Christchurch Ltd


“When my circumstances changed I found myself having to review my personal insurance cover. I needed someone who could assess my needs with minimum time input from me, explain the options clearly, implement my decisions with ease and keep me on track with my decision. Jason did all this for me and I am very happy with the end result.”

Teresa Harris
Teresa Harris and Associates
LTD (Chartered Accountants), Christchurch